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20 Descanso Dr
San Jose, CA 95134
United States


My name is Nicolas, but everyone calls me Nico. I am a Bay Area based designer who enjoys conceptualizing and designing clean, clear & friendly interfaces.

I create clean interfaces & love pixel perfection

I am passionate about creating great design solutions for your company's current products and future innovations. I have been evolving my designs for the mobile platform for the last several years.

I strive to focus on user experience and interactions. Trying to build solutions at a neurological level, trying to build recurring interaction habits for product goals.

I am very passionate about creativity, I constantly hone my art and perfect my craft. I try to push the envelope of design and to think outside the box. I keep myself updated on current trends, design ideals, and more.

Another love in my life is working on cars. It allows for me to be creative in a different aspect of my life. Building and creating clean lines the way i want. I love working with my hands and this allows me to not be in front of a computer all day and still have my creativity to keep working.